Ladder Guide

Select the right ABRU® ladder for your project below, or use our instructional how to choose guide.

From our wide range of stepladders, you will be sure to find the right product to meet any trade or domestic need. Consider the type of work you will be doing as well as your working height, transportation and storage. Fibreglass stepladders are a must for the professional electrician, robust and non-conductive they provide the safe and reliable option for trade electrical work.
Our range of steel and aluminium steps offers both professional and domestic users the ideal solution to access just out-of-reach heights on an every day basis. Convenient and practical, all stepstools fold flat for easy storage and provide outstanding flexibility and value.

Extension Ladders
Our comprehensive range of high quality aluminium ladders offers you a complete choice for trade or DIY use. Select from I-beam or box section stiles.

Work Platforms
Our range of aluminium work platforms offer both great support and stability. Lightweight and easy to carry. Ideal for interior decorating, washing cars and for those ‘just out of reach’ areas. Convenient and practical all work platforms fold flat for easy storage and provide outstanding flexibility and value.

Loft Ladders
Quick and simple to install, our range of loft ladders provides the safest and most convenient solution to loft access. With a wide choice of models available made from aluminium and timber, you can find the right loft ladder to suit your needs. All ladders are supplied with all fittings as well as comprehensive and easy to follow instructions.
Ladder Accessories
Whether you are looking to make your work safer, easier or more comfortable you can find a clever attachment or fixing in our full range of accessories. We also offer an extensive selection of replacement parts not only to extend the life of your stepladder or ladder but also to ensure you are always using a safe product. You can also obtain replacements for lost or mislaid parts like stowing poles or fixings.
Combination Ladders
If one ladder for all jobs is what you are looking for, this section is where you can find it! Combination ladders offer the greatest flexibility to tackle any job using only one product that can easily convert into various modes depending on your work, and they are often more compact so easier to transport and store than an extension ladder.
Rotary Driers
Rotary Driers
The wide range of ABRU® rotary driers, offer a choice of sizes and finishes to suit all budgets. Made from strong weatherproof material, ABRU® rotary driers are easy to install and use. ABRU® Rotary Driers are designed to remain taut, reliable and durable, and all are easy and smooth to operate. All Rotary Driers offer a generous guarantee.
Ladder Type - Different types of ladders are designed to keep you safe and productive when climbing or standing. Using the wrong style of ladder or simply ignoring the limitations of climbing equipment can result in a fall or serious injury.
Reach Height – Height is referring to the actual ladder height. Reach Height is the maximum reach attainable by the user (assuming a user height of 1.75m (5'9")
Load Capacity – Ladders are designed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. Load Capacity specifies the maximum safe weight on the ladder including a person's fully clothed weight plus the weight of any tools and materials that are carried onto the ladder.
Type – Abru ladders are designed to British Standards. This classifies the ladder according to the type of use and loading levels they are capable of withstanding. Type can be defined as Heavy Duty, Light Trade or Domestic.