88300 Series Rotary Dryer

Series Callout
The 88300 series of rotary dryers are made from strong weatherproof material and are designed to remain taut, reliable and durable. All are easy and smooth to operate.


    Performance Overview

    StyleTypeNumber of Arms
    Soil Spikes Universal -- Standard 150 3 -- 4



    Model No.Approx. Product Weight (kg)Number of ArmsRotating DiameterUsable line lengthPole Size Buy Online
    883103.632.34m (7ft 8in)30m (98ft)32mm
    883123.832.68m (8ft 9in)38m (124ft)32mm
    883155.632.68m (8ft 9in)45m (147ft)35mm
    883204.932.34m (7ft 8in)30m (98ft)38mm
    883225.232.68m (8ft 9in)38m (124ft)38mm
    883256.042.68m (8ft 9in)45m (147ft)38mm

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