How to choose a right ladder

One of the major causes of accidents when working at height is loss of stability. This is a result of using the wrong ladder; one that is too short or unsuitable for the task so choosing the right ladder makes all the difference when it comes to safety.

Below are three key elements that will help you choose the right ladder for the job.

1. Heights

When selecting the ladder for the job, you need to consider the height that you will be working at and the height that you can safely reach to. We recommend always choose a ladder slightly higher than you might need to avoid over reach and follow the instructions on the ladder for safe use.

Our suggested safe working height is based on 1.75m as the average reach height of a person when standing on the maximum advised safe climb/standing height.

Abru House Heights Guide

2. Applications

Always take care to choose the correct standard of ladder for the job in hand. Our Abru ladders have to meet the new EN131 standard, where applicable, with ladders having a load capacity of 150kg.

If you are going to use the ladders for commercial purposes, you must use ladders that have been tested for Professional Use with a load capacity of 150kg. However, if you are going to use ladders at a private dwelling for non-commercial purposes, you can use ladder certified for Non-Professional Use.

Ladder Category Classification Maximum LoadApplication

Stepladders, Combination
& Extension Ladders

EN131 Professional150kgSuitable for Professional and Non-Professional use
EN131 Non-Professional150kgSuitable for Non-Professional use
StepstoolsEN14183150kgIdeal for use around the home
Loft LaddersEN14975150kgSuitable for Domestic use only

3. Ladder Styles

Choose the right style of ladder to help you get the job done safely and quickly. Abru has the full range of ladders and access equipment help you work safely and efficiently. See our easy to use guide describes the different ladder styles available to aid you in choosing the right ladder for the job.

Abru Step Ladder Height And Style

Step Ladders

  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Large platform and high handrail
  • Safe working height range: 2.1m to 3.45m

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Abru Extension Ladder Height And Style

Extension Ladders

  • Telescopic design for easy transportation and storage
  • Reach high outdoor projects
  • Safe working height range: 3.11m to 3.65m

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Abru Combination Ladder Height And Style

Combination Ladders

  • Multiple positions in one ladder
  • The only ladder style suitable for working on stairs
  • Safe working height range: 2.72m to 4.27m

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Abru Stepstool Height And Style


  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Perfect for use in kitchens
  • Safe working height range: 2.2m to 2.45m

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Abru Work Platform Height And Style

Work Platforms

  • Comfortable use for lengthy tasks
  • Perfect for all odd jobs
  • Safe working height range: 2.15m to 2.15m

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Abru Loft Ladder Height And Style

Loft Ladders

  • Safe access to loft spaces
  • Available in aluminium or timber
  • Floor height range: 2.13m to 3m

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